Relationship Economics – How to use digital content and social media to improve customer and employee relationships

In this video you will learn how organizations can improve their bottom line by maintaining meaningful social media communication with employees and customers – along with the 10 steps it takes to achieve the results.

The 10 Steps are:

1). Audit
Conduct an internal audit to determine how employees use social networks to inform your company’s investments.

2). Broaden Your Definition of Social
Consider a more integrated approach to your social media strategy – including technology platforms, listening, and building a community.

3). Think Holistically
Social media is made of channels for specific purposes that must roll up to a more significant business charter and vision.

4). Test and Learn
Run pilot tests to determine benefits and viability. Then communicate findings to the broader team.

5). Create Engaging, Sharable Content
Keep the audience in mind every time. Generate content that’s informative, entertaining, useful, and sharable.

6). Keep a Rhythm
Stay present, but don’t saturate. Find a solid rhythm.

7). Don’t Just Sell and Market
Make sure that you stagger your content so that you give more than you ask.

8). Balance Owned and Paid Media
Consider using native advertising options for lead generation and recruitment to reach beyond your existing audience.

9). Think Globally, but Act Locally
Geo-specific content gets employees and customers attention because they can see themselves in the content.

10). Scale Across Key Functions
Those who find success scale social media across the organization to improve employee engagement, sales, recruiting, and marketing.

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How to Succeed at Video SEO

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Case Study: How do Agencies Make & Use Video

We interviewed 99 agencies about how they make and use video on behalf of their clients.

Here’s what we learned:
– The top reasons agencies recommend using video
– How agencies produce videos on behalf of their clients
– How much do agencies spend producing videos
– The kinds of videos agencies make and how they’re being used
…and more

Our findings are presented below in the form of a slide deck and video.


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The Rise of Visual Content Marketing (video)

We connected with Linkedin’s Senior Manager of Content Marketing, Jason Miller, to learn why visual content like video is more effective for marketers than text-based content.

In this video, you’ll learn:
- Why visual content is more effective than text-based content
- How to start making visual content today for free

Words by Jason Miller, voiced and animated by Derek Merdinyan

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The most important thing to know about Video SEO

Rand Fishkin – Founder of shares the most important thing to know about Video SEO – in under a minute.

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How to make computer animated video content

We think video is the most concise and effective way to communicate ideas – that’s why we made Video Igniter, a streamlined platform for producing custom computer animated content on demand (TV ads, Landing Page videos, Your own Weekly YouTube series, Video Infographs, etc).

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