Hiring An Animation Studio vs Freelance Animator vs Marketing Agency vs Marketplace vs Video Igniter

Hiring An Animation Studio vs Freelance Animator vs Marketing Agency vs Marketplace vs Video Igniter

Now that you’ve thought through the criteria for picking an animator for your video project, what types of animation producers are available to you? Lots of people plan on hiring an animation studio to work with – but these days, there are many more options available that are more affordable and can offer a wider array of unique visual styles for your animated video.


Freelance Animator:

Good for smaller projects (under 2 minutes); not necessarily recommended for large or difficult projects because there’s only so much they can do by themselves and production would be slow.


Price Range: $50-$10,000+

Pros: Typically faster and less expensive to work with.

Cons: Limited range of artistic styles they can produce based on the types of animation programs they have proficiency in. They may or may not have storytelling capabilities to help create or improve your script or storyboard. Although it is rare, there is a risk that a freelance animator can ghost you in the middle of your project.



Searching an online market place of digital studios and freelancers can yield hundreds of options. Many of these studies and freelancers are competing to be the cheapest option and the quality shows. You can get excellent service if you’re the only project they’re working on – but many of these freelancers price their projects so low that they have to take on many projects at once which can result in extended production timelines.


Price Range: $100-$7,500+

Pros: Studios and freelancers that have been vetted by the marketplace are less likely to ghost you mid-way through production. The marketplace also enables you to compare the price and quality of different animators.

Cons: While you can find good quality animators and animation studios to work with through a video production marketplace website, often times, people are seeking the cheapest option which means animators compete to submit the lowest bid and then they may not provide quality service or work.


Animation Studio:

If you’re thinking about hiring an animation studio to make your animated video, you should plan on having a budget of at least $5,000 but likely a lot more. Animation studios are best suited for big budget projects. You can usually get a better range of animation production styles when you work with a larger studio.


Price Range: $5,000-$500,000+

Pros: Hiring an animation studio means you’ll get high quality work, professionally managed, and there’s a good chance they have good in-house storytellers.

Cons: Studios typically have a speciality – 2D or 3D, commercial or long form for TV, etc so you’ll need to dig around for a studio that specializes in the type of animated video you you want to produce.


Marketing Agency:

Good for one-off videos since the agency probably already knows a lot about your product/service/brand and can be very helpful when it comes to crafting your script and storyboard. If you plan to do multiple videos, consider hiring a freelancer, getting someone in-house to join your team, or try Video Igniter to save on your production budget.


Price Range: $5,000-$50,000+

Pros: Agencies typically have a network of animation studios, video production companies and animation freelancers they outsource the work to; their network means they can help connect you with a variety of different types of illustrators and animators. Agencies provide a high degree of client management and can help you craft a good script and storyboard for your animated video.

Cons: high markup – the marketing agency typically builds in a margin of several thousand dollars above what the animation studio or freelancer is charging them.


Video Igniter:

Great for large and small projects. Our diverse team means there’s a wide range of aesthetic possibilities available for your video. We offer 24/7 support and unlimited revisions because we believe you should be 100% thrilled with the way your animated video looks.


Price Range: $500-$100,000+

Pros: Unlimited revisions. Our large team means we can produce longer videos and any kind of 2D or 3D animation you can imagine. We use technology to streamline the production experience which means it’s faster and easier for you to get custom animated content produced on your behalf and more of your budget is put into creativity, design and production rather than expensive overhead costs.

Cons: We work 100% virtually but we’re always available to jump on a video call to go over details of your video.

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