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Improve Your Customer Service With Animated Customer Support Videos

Improve Your Customer Service With Animated Customer Support Videos

This is The Video Igniter Show where we teach you all the ways you can use videos to improve your business. In this episode, you’ll learn how customer support videos can help you provide a better customer support experience. They can also save you time from having to answer the same questions again and again.


How Can Customer Support Videos Improve Your Customer Experience and Lower Your Support Costs?

Business owners know their leads and clients tend to ask the same questions again and again.

Thankfully customer support videos can save you from having to spend your time repeatedly answering the same questions. Start by creating a list of your most commonly asked questions. Then produce short videos that walk people through the answer. Providing your answers in the form of a video also improves the customer’s ability to follow along and understand every step they need to take because they can follow the example in the video.

For Video Igniter, the questions everybody asks are: What does it cost to make a video? And: “What is the production process like?”

We created a series of short videos to answer these questions, and now our leads and customers are able to educate themselves faster than we ever would be able to respond. And this frees up bandwidth for our support team as well.

Gaining Customer Insights From Your Customer Support Videos

And as an added bonus, if you use a video hosting service that shows you data and analytics about your videos, you can check out the viewing stats for your support videos to see how people are watching them and look to see if there are any major drop-off points in the video.

If so, it could mean something is unclear in the video. Consider going back and fixing it to improve the customer experience and comprehension.

As a pro tip: I like putting these videos on easy to remember links so that if somebody ever asks me a question, I know exactly where to tell them to go to get their question answered quickly. (Example: https://videoigniter.com/how-much-does-animation-cost/)

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