How does the animated video production process work?

animated video production process

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In this episode, you will see how the animated video production process works. This video assumes you have already watched one of our videos explaining how to prepare the idea, script or storyboard for your video and how to start a project and pay for it. This video shows how the production process flows starting after the point where the storyboard for your video has been created by us and approved or supplied by you.

Video Transcript:

Earlier videos in this series explain the process of creating the script and storyboard for your video.

In this production example, we’ll assume you are providing the storyboard.

When you are ready to start making your video, fill out the questionnaire, pick a production tier, or input a custom production rate if you have already discussed one with our production team.

Upload the storyboard for your video, and if you have logos, footage, fonts or any other creative media that will help us create your video, you can upload a zip file here.

Save your project, and when you are ready to start production, you can come back here and pay half the budget to get things started.

After a few days, you will receive two emails with links to review and pick one of the three voice over auditions, and three soundtrack options.

You may share your private links with your clients, so they can also preview and provide feedback or approve assets themselves without having to give them access to your account.

The people you share project links with can only access things relevant to that particular project.

After you preview the soundtrack and voiceover files, click the ones you want us to use.

If you don’t find one you love, use the textbox to tell us what you want and we will get fresh options for you.

Just like the voice overs, you will also receive three pieces of concept art so you can tell us which visual style you like best.

You will receive email notifications when the full voice over and all the visuals are ready for you to review.

When you are satisfied with the audio and visual assets, mark them all as approved and we will start making your video.

When your video is ready to preview, you will receive an email notification, and get the opportunity to request minor edits and revisions to your video.

Once you are satisfied with the final draft, mark it as approved and pay the remaining 50% of the video’s budget to receive the unwatermarked version of your video and a zip file of the full project archive including all the audio and visual assets used to create your video.

If you have further questions, about making a video, email support at video igniter dot com or call one eight five five video fast.

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