Animation for Government Organizations

Video Igniter creates custom animated videos for organizations to use as a means of mass communication. Text-based content is often glazed over. Animated videos get watched and people are better at understanding and retaining the content, regardless of literacy level of language.

  • Helps you explain your message to a large audience
  • Animation facilitates better understanding and
    retention of information
Animation For Government

How we help large organizations communicate

T-Mobile wanted help explaining their new green initiative to a large audience. We turned their message into a custom branded 60 second story that makes it easy to understand their new green initiative and share the information with their 53,000 US employees.

We also help people with Government Grants.

EnergyPoints received a “SBIR” Grant from the federal government and requested Video Igniter help them develop an animated mascot for a series of educational videos that explain how their app works.

Animated character for government video project

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