How to write the script for your video and get production started

script to video

Here are the steps to get your video project started if you intend to provide the script for your video.

1). Watch the video above, it provides tips on how to create a great script for your video and how we will turn it into a storyboard for you.
2). Create your Video Igniter account here.
3). Fill out the creative brief for your video.

  • Include your script
  • Upload a zip file with assets you think we may use in your video (i.e. logos, fonts, characters, etc).
  • Pick what level of production quality you want us to use. You can request access to our price sheet here.

4). Save your creative brief, pay 50% of your production budget and then we start making your video.

To learn more about the production process, scroll down and watch the next video to see an overview of the rest of the animated video production process.

script to animated video tutorial

Video Transcript:

If you are providing the script for your video and want us to create the storyboard so that the production team knows what visuals to make, this video talks about how prepare a script for production and how we will turn it into a storyboard.

For starters, a 150 word script equals about one minute of video.

If you have ideas for the visuals you want to suggest, we recommend including them written in square brackets, like this.

When you fill out the questionnaire to start a new video, paste your script in here.

After you save the project and pay half of your video’s production budget, you will receive an email notification with a link when your storyboard is ready to review. You can preview your storyboard online or download a copy.

If you are happy with the storyboard, click the approve button. Otherwise, you can leave feedback for each slide and send the storyboard back to us to revise.

You will receive another email notification when the next draft of your storyboard is ready.

Want to learn more about the production process? We recommend watching the following videos: