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Tell Your Story With A Custom Made Animated Video.
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Animated Video Production

Wow your audience with custom animated videos!

To get started, simply describe your concept and needs using our online creative brief. You’ll have a team of real people assigned to your animated video project who can help you develop your script and storyboard.

From there, your team will create the voiceover(s), soundtrack, and custom illustrations; once you’ve approved all the components, we’ll animate your video.

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Script and Storyboard

Need a script? What about a storyboard? We’ve got you.

Video Igniter can use your brief to develop a script and storyboard for your project. You’ll review each draft and provide feedback until you love it.

Once your script and storyboard are complete, we’ll get to work creating your custom animated video.

You can get a production discount if you provide a script or storyboard that is already approved and ready for production.


We use your approved script to create up to three voiceover auditions for your animated video. You choose the voice you want, and we’ll use it to record the entire script. It’s that easy.

Alternatively, you can provide your own voiceover in exchange for a small production discount.

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Streamlined Production Experience

Making your own animated videos has never been so convenient.

Starting with your initial creative brief, all collaboration and communication takes place online in our password-protected, cloud-based workspace.

From your dashboard you can track/manage production of your video, upload ideas & assets, review content, provide feedback, live chat with your animation team, and approve each asset as we move through the design and production process.

Custom Illustrated Art

We’ve handpicked some of the world’s greatest animated video artists to create original work that stands out from the rest.

An art director oversees the production of several custom concept art options for your video.

You pick your favorite variation and our team then produces the custom illustrations for your video.

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