Explainer Video Storyboard Examples

Explainer Video Storyboard Examples

Ready to make a storyboard for your explainer video but aren’t sure how to get started? We thought it might be helpful to share some explainer video storyboard examples from past projects so that you can see what a completed storyboard looks like. We’ll also show you the video that resulted from the storyboard so you can see how the storyboard gets translated into a custom animated video.


1). The Importance of Creating A Storyboard

2). Explainer Video Storyboard Examples

3). How to Create A Storyboard For an Explainer Video

4). Animated Explainer Video Storyboard Template

5). Explainer Video Storyboard Creation FAQ

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1). The Importance Of Creating A Storyboard

The storyboard is like the blueprint for your explainer video. It provides instructions to the illustrators and animators so that they understand what you want them to create. Otherwise, you’re leaving too much up for interpretation and it may require expensive rework to fix the video and make it look the way you want.

Each page of a storyboard includes four parts:

  1. A sentence from your script
  2. A mockup or rough sketch of the scene
  3. A bullet point list of the animation instructions
  4. A list of assets needed to create the scene

Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Explainer Video Storyboard Example Diagram


Want to save $ on your production budget? Download our free storyboard template to create your explainer video storyboard right on your computer. Creating your storyboard can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars off the cost of your explainer video.

Download our free explainer storyboard template

2). Explainer Video Storyboard Example

If you’re wondering “what does a good explainer video storyboard look like…” – we started digging up some examples for you to check out. We also included the video that was created from the storyboard so you can see what it looks like after it’s turned into a custom animated video.

Explainer Video Storyboard Example:

Resulting Video:


3). How to Create A Storyboard For an Explainer Video

Once the script for your explainer video is approved, you can use it to create your storyboard.

First, download our free storyboard creation template and paste it into Google Slides, Keynote or Powerpoint.

Then, duplicate that page one time for every sentence in your script. Paste one sentence on each slide of the storyboard.

Use clip art to create a mockup of each scene. Or, create a rough sketch on paper, take a photo with your phone and paste it into your storyboard.

Use free clip art, stock assets, icons and sketches to mock up the visuals for your animated video.

Create a list of instructions for the animators so they understand how everything is supposed to move in the scene.

Finally, include a list of assets that are needed to create the scene. This is where you should provide specific detailed instructions for what assets are needed to create the scene. For example: Main character should be female with red hair. She is holding a kayak paddle in her left hand and wearing river rafting gear, including a helmet. Water SFX. Mountain river scene in the background.

Creating an explainer video storyboard

Extra resources to help you create the storyboard for your explainer video

4). Animated Explainer Video Storyboard Template

We created an explainer video storyboard template you can download to create your own storyboard on your computer so you can save money on your production budget. Creating your own storyboard can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars off your explainer video cost.

Create an explainer video storyboard using powerpoint keynote or slides to save money on your production budget.

5). Explainer Video Storyboard Creation FAQ

How long should my storyboard be?

Typically, a storyboard has one page for each sentence in the script. If there is a more detailed sequence you are trying to explain in your storyboard, it makes sense to break a sentence up into multiple pages to make it easier to explain and visualize what is supposed to happen during each part of your explainer video script.

Explainer video scripts typically have 125-150 words for each 60 seconds of content. This ends up being about 8-12 sentences or 8-12+ pages for your storyboard.

Aim for 125-150 when writing the script for a 60-second explainer video.

Each 60 seconds of an explainer video is about 125-150 words long.


What does it cost to create a storyboard for an animated explainer video?

Animation studios typically charge a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars to create a storyboard for an explainer video.  Most studios don’t charge on the high end and rely on information you provide them to inform the creation of the storyboard. High end storyboard creation services include detailed research programs to understand the target audience and test which visual messages resonate with them to ensure the message is understandable and memorable.

Deep Dive: Want to know what else goes into the cost of an explainer video?

How long does it create a storyboard?

Storyboard creation can be a fast process if your timeline is tight and your team is nimble. Usually the storyboard creation process takes 1-2 weeks. After the client approves the script, the storyboard artists will create the first draft in 2-3 days. Then, you get an opportunity to review the storyboard and request revisions. The animated video production company will review your notes, incorporate the revisions and send back an updated version of the storyboard within a few business days.

It takes a few weeks to make an explainer video.

It takes a few weeks to make an explainer video.

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