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Custom animated video creation can be a complex task (especially if you’ve never managed a video project before). We’ve streamlined the process, and now it’s easier than ever to make your own animated videos.

Unlimited Revisions

There is no limit on the number of revisions for your script, storyboard, voiceover, art and custom animation. We work until you mark them as approved.

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All-Inclusive Pricing

Production rates include script and storyboard creation (if desired), professional voiceover, soundtrack, art, and custom animation.

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Script + Storyboard Creation

Using your input, we can create the script and storyboard for your video. You can save up to $500 per minute of video if you’d prefer to supply your own approved script or storyboard.

Live Chat Support

Our production team is available to answer any of your questions via live chat on VideoIgniter.com.

Fast Production

Thanks to our online workspace, the easiest way to make custom animated videos is also the fastest. We can deliver your video 50% faster than a ‘traditional’ animation studio.

Start in Minutes

You can start your online animated video production at any time. Just create an account and complete a creative brief describing your idea.

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We’ve Made It All

Explainer videos. Animated TV ads. E-learning content. 2D, 3D, After Effects, Flash, Blender and more. We’ve made it all and can help you, too!

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How It’s Made

Wondering how to create animated videos using our custom animation services? This series of short videos explains the process.

Test Your Video

We believe in A/B testing variations of your video to ensure it performs over time. To learn more, email [email protected].

100+ Emails!?

Working with an animated video creation service often means hundreds of emails to manage the project. Video Igniter can produce your video with as few as 6 notification messages.

50% Down

You’re only charged half of the production budget up front. We collect the remainder after you approve the final draft of your custom animated video.

custom voiceover

Voice Over Auditions

Finding the perfect voiceover is key to bringing your custom animation to life. We’ll send you several voice over auditions to choose from before recording the entire script.

Custom Art Design

Our team creates custom concept art which you’ll review. We then refine the art based on your feedback to develop the perfect custom visuals for your video.

Calculate Your Budget

Curious about what it costs to make your own animated video? Answer a few questions and we will calculate a production budget specific to your project.

Multilingual Videos

We can translate your video and produce it in multiple languages to help you reach a broader audience.

You Own The Rights

Once your project is complete, you’ll receive copies of all the art used in your custom animated video. You can then use it any way you like.

Guided Process

We guide you through the entire production process, and we ensure you end up with a video you’ll be proud to show off.

Online Dashboard

Our online workspace makes it easy for you to track the production status of your custom animated video, upload files, and submit feedback directly to our animators.

Pro Sound Design

Videos include a soundtrack and sound effects, which add another dimension to your video.

Analytics Available

Our custom animation services include free hosting and analytics for your video. You can keep an eye on how it’s performing as well as gather key statistics about your viewers.

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Turnaround Time

Most 1–2-minute videos are produced in about 4-8 weeks. Rush turnaround is available and guarantees delivery in a shorter timeframe. Contact [email protected] to discuss rush timelines and prices.

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