3D Animation Studio | How To Work With Our 3D Animation Studio

Do you want to hire a 3D animation studio to help you create a custom 3D animated video – but aren’t sure how or where to get started?

You’re in the right place! Video Igniter’s guide to 3D animation studios has answers to all of your top questions including:

  • How & where to hire a 3D animation studio.
  • What does it cost to hire a 3D animation studio?
  • What is the production process like?
  • How long does it take to create a 3D animation?

All that, plus tips to help you save $1,000 or more off the cost of hiring a 3D animation studio! But first, let’s take a look at examples of 3D animations that Video Igniter’s animation studio can create for you:

3D Animation Studio Video Examples

Video Igniter can make any kind of 3D (or 2D) animation for you. Check out our animation portfolio or request access to our demo reels and price sheet to see more examples.

Contact us or schedule a call to start making your video.

Are you looking for a different type of animation example? Send us a message to let us know what kind of production example you want to see and we will follow up with some relevant production samples.


How & where to hire a 3D animation studio?

hire a 3D animation studio

Finding and hiring the right 3D animation studio is the most important step in the production process. That’s why this topic deserves it’s own article:

How To Hire An Animator

In the article, you’ll learn:

  • Where to can find animators for your project.
  • How to evaluate potential 3D animation studios.
  • Tips to negotiate your production budget.

+ a whole lot more. Check it out.

What is the 3D animation production process like?

3D animation studio production process

Let’s take a look at the production process so you understand what it’s like to work with Video Igniter (or another 3D animation studio) to create your 3D animation.

1). Get A Quote

3D animation studio quote

Start the production process by getting quotes from each 3D animation studio you’re considering hiring. You can get a quote from Video Igniter here.

When you inquire at these studios for a quote, we recommend providing the following information:

  • What style of animation do you want to use?
  • What do you want to show
  • How long will the animation be?
  • How soon do you need the animation?
  • Who is responsible for creating the script & storyboard?

After you select a 3D animation studio for your project, you will receive a production agreement to sign and an invoice for the first 50% of your production budget.

2). Script

3d animation studio script

Now that production is underway, our team will spend time learning about the key message you want to include in your animation and who your target audience is. Then, we’ll develop a script that conveys your main talking points to your audience in a way that addresses their pain points.

You will receive a copy of the script to review with your team. Add your comments to the document and we’ll update your script until you love it.

3). Storyboard

3d animation studio storyboard

Next, we turn your script into a storyboard. The storyboard acts as a visual blueprint for our 3D animation studio so we know what to design and animate for every part of your script.

When you review the storyboard, help us ensure it documents everything our team will need to know in order to accurately create all of the visuals. If something needs to look a specific way, we’ll include some product shots or illustrations to help our production team fully grasp what details need to be shown in your video.

4). VoiceOver


You will receive multiple voiceover auditions to listen to. Let us know which one is your favorite. Then, we’ll hire them to record the full voiceover for your animation. You get a chance to review the full recording and request edits (if needed).

5). Concept Art

3D animation studio concept art

After your storyboard is approved, our 3D animation studio’s art director will begin developing concept art for your project. Concept art is sometimes created in 2D and or 3D to help illustrate the stylistic direction we envision for your animation.

Let the art director know which visual concept is your favorite. You can collaborate with the art director to revise and refine your favorite visual concept until it looks perfect.

6). 3D Models

The next step is to create the 3D models for everything that’s shown in your animation.

Characters. Scenes. Objects. Special Effects.

In the beginning, everything will look like a black and white 3D model:

3d animation studio model

This is the time to focus on the shape and design of every element in your animation. After we get your approval on the physical shape of every model, our team will add color and textures to everything. You’ll get an other opportunity at this point to request revisions and adjustments before we start creating your 3D animation.

7). Animatic (if needed)

Some animations require the creation of an animatic. An animatic is a very rough, flip-book like rendering of your 3D animation that is synced up to the voiceover. We create it using basic sketches, images or 3D renderings to help us test the timing of certain scenes in your animation. This way, our animators know exactly what kind of timing to use in order to achieve a desired visual effect.

8). Music


You will receive a few soundtracks to preview for your animation. Give them a listen and let us know which one is your favorite. We’ll take care of acquiring the broadcast license for the music so our 3D animation studio can legally use the audio when we create your video.

9). Animation

3d animation studio animator

Now that everything is approved, our studio can animate your 3D video! As soon as the first draft is ready, you will receive a downloadable link so you can share and review the video with your team. Collect everyone’s feedback and send us your revision notes. We’ll integrate your revisions and render out the final draft of your animation.

Deep Dive: This was just a brief overview of the 3D animation process. If you’re interested in a more in-depth look at the 3D animation production process, we recommend checking out this companion article: “How To Make 3D Animation.”

How long does it take to create a 3D animation?

3D animation studio production timeline

If you’re making a feature length, PIXAR-style animation, the production process could take up to 5 years! Luckily, when you work with Video Igniter or an independent 3D animation studio to create a short animation, the production timeline only takes a few weeks or months.

A 1-2 minute long 3D animation project takes our studio about 6-12 weeks to make. The amount of time it takes depends on the complexity of the animation and how quickly your team can share feedback.

Need to speed up production? Video Igniter offers Rush Deliver Animation.

Deep Dive: Want to get a better understanding of how long each phase of the 3D animation production process takes? Check out this companion article about how to “Create 3D Animation.”

What does it cost to hire a 3D animation studio?

3d animation studio cost

Most 3D studios create 1 minute animations for $5,000-$25,000. It’s a wide price range, but there’s also a lot of variation in terms of how many hours of work are needed to create each minute of video.

For a detailed breakdown of 3D animation costs, check out this companion article: “How to Calculate Your 3D Animation Cost.”

Or, you can send us a message to get a quote for your 3D animation.

3D Animation Studio Budget Saving Tips

3D Animation Studio Budget Saving Tips

Combine these tips to help you save $1,000 or more off the cost of hiring a 3D animation studio:

1). Record The VoiceOver

It costs between $50-$500 to hire each voiceover artist for your video. If you record the voiceover yourself, we can remove this production cost from your budget. Check out 1:31 in this video to learn how you can record professional quality voiceovers at home, for free.

2). Write the Script

Video Igniter’s studio is happy to help you write the script for your 3D animation. However, if you write the script yourself, you can save $500 off of your production budget for every minute of content we create for you. Download our scriptwriting template to get started. Our studio’s writers will happily review your script and provide feedback before we turn it into a 3D animation.

3d animation studio script writing

3). Use Free, Legal Music

It costs over $10,000 to license popular songs for commercial video projects. Custom songs can be produced for a few thousand dollars. Stock soundtracks can be licensed for a few hundred dollars or less. If you want to skip this production cost, you can source free music from Incompetech or Facebook’s Sound Collection.

4). Use Pre-Created Models

When you get a quote for your animation, ask if it’s possible to lower your production budget by purchasing pre-existing 3D models and customizing them for your animation. Sometimes, this can cost less than creating a 3D model from scratch.

3d animation studio models

5). Create The Storyboard

You can shave an additional $500/min off the cost of hiring a studio by creating the storyboard for your 3D animation. Download our free storyboard creation template and check out the included storyboard creation guide to learn how to get started.

3d animation studio storyboard creation

6). Start Production ASAP

3D animation takes time to do the job right. It’s possible to pay extra to speed up the production process, but that can increase your budget by 25%-50% or more! We recommend starting production as soon as possible to avoid rush delivery costs.

7). Consider Using 2D Animation

3D animation budgets are several times larger than 2D animation budgets. Depending on what you want to show in your video, it might be possible to create your animation using 2D animation instead of 3D animation. Video Igniter also has a 2D animation studio that can help you create your video. Get in touch and we can help you explore production options for your video.

3d animation studio 2d animation

Still have questions about 3D animation studios?

Do you have a question about hiring or working with a 3D animation studio that wasn’t addressed in this FAQ? Use this form to send us your question and we’ll follow up with an answer. We’ll also post the question and answer to this page so other people can benefit from the knowledge.


What is Video Igniter Animation?

Video Igniter Animation is an online animated video production service. By working with our team online, you can get your custom animated video produced faster and for less than hiring a brick and mortar animation studio.

We can help you create any kind of 2D animated video or 3D animation you can imagine. Check out our animated video portfolio!

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Watch our explainer video on our home page to learn more about how we can help you create an animated video. For examples of the kinds of animation our team can produce, check out the demo reel below:


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Video Igniter is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

3D Animation Success Stories & Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – these testimonials highlight Video Igniter’s reliability, creativity, flexibility and ability to deliver animations that exceed expectations. When you choose Video Igniter Animation, you can rest assured that you are working with a trusted and reputable studio.

“I run a video production company and outsource animation. The team at Video Igniter did a great job in taking the concept I very crudely drew out and making it into a beautiful animation. The review process was easy and their turnaround time was very quick. I’d def recommend them if you’re looking for an animation project.”

Pat Henderson – Founder, Path8 Productions

“Video Igniter came to us with a number of creative and engaging ideas and were able to create an exciting, impactful video in a short period of time. And the best part was that it cost much less than other options of similar quality. The video they made is a great marketing tool for us.”

Alex Raymond – Founder, Kapta Systems



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