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How to make animated videos for free

Do you want to make a free animated video? Sometimes there just isn’t enough budget to create a custom animated video so this article explains several different ways you can make animated videos for free.

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Want to make a free animated video?

Lots of people want to make animated videos for their business, but not everyone has the budget to hire someone to make a custom video for them.  Fortunately, there are some options where you can make animated videos for free or practically nothing if you’re willing to take the time to make it yourself.

How to make a free animated video

GoAnimate (now Vyond), PowToon and Wideo are three sites that you can use to make animated videos yourself. These sites have online editing platforms and large libraries of pre-made characters, objects and backgrounds that you can use to lay out different scenes and specify how you want objects to move throughout the scenes. 

You can even add voiceovers and soundtracks to the video.

Most of these sites allow you to create videos for free using their free trial. And if you want to download a copy of your video, it may include their logo as a watermark on the video – unless you pay a small amount to get the high resolution version of the video without their watermark. 

Free Animated Video

Example of DIY animated video maker.


How to create animated video online free

Animated videos typically require budgets of at least a few thousand dollars to produce. There are a growing number of cheap ways to make animated videos – but they usually require a lot of your time to learn how to use the program and even more time to actually create the videos. In recent months, Facebook has introduced Make-A-Video and Google researchers have introduced DreamFusion – a text to 3D animated video creation AI. These services can be used to make short clips with small pixel dimensions and a moderate amount of photo realism. While they’re still in their infancy, these new services are already generating impressive results.


Drawbacks of free animated video services

You can make great quality 2D animated videos using these services, but be aware of the fact that other companies are also using these same images and characters to create videos for their companies. So, if you want to have a video that is completely customized and unique to your brand, I recommend hiring a studio, freelancer or Video Igniter to design a completely custom video for you.

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How to turn your photos into animations for free

As a bonus tip, here’s an interesting way you can use your photos to create unique animations:

How to make low cost animated videos?

Do you have a little bit of a budget to put towards a custom animated video? If so, this article explains a few ways you can make cheap animated videos and includes tips on how to keep your production budget low.

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