Animated Video Soundtrack

Animated Video Soundtrack

Soundtracks enhance the presentation of your animated video. It helps draw viewers into your world and keep them focused as they experience your animated story or message. But how do you find the right soundtrack for your animated video? In this guide, we answer the most frequently asked questions about soundtracks for animated videos.

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How to get the right soundtrack for your animated video?


Video Transcript:

Picking the right soundtrack for your video helps put your viewers in a more favorable psychological state when they’re watching your video.

Here’s a ten second promo video we ran for Video Igniter with a bad soundtrack and then I’ll play it again with the good soundtrack.

Note how the first one kind of disrupts your consumption experience and the second soundtrack makes the video more enjoyable to consume.

Good and Bad Music Examples

Pretty big difference, right?

Now that you can appreciate how a good soundtrack can suck people in to your video, here are some sites you can visit to search for the ideal soundtrack for your video.

If you’re looking for a free soundtrack, check out Incompetech.

Incompetech Free Animated Video Soundtracks

On the paid side of things, Premium Beat & Audio Jungle have great selections of reasonably priced soundtracks that you can use for your video. You can go ahead and download watermarked versions of the soundtracks for free so that you can try putting them in the background of your video to feel how they meld with the visuals and voiceover.

Sites to buy soundtracks for animated videos

Sometimes it takes a few tries, but eventually you’ll find one that just feels right.

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That’s all for this episode of The Video Igniter Show where you can learn about how you can use animated videos to improve your business. In this episode, you’ll learn how to pick the right soundtrack for your video and where to get good soundtracks for under $100 – and even for free.

Why do soundtracks matter?

Why do animated video soundtracks matter?

Soundtracks enhance the presentation of your animated video. They add ambiance and curate the mood of your animated video. Do you want to make your video feel exciting? Serious? Somber? Scary? Funny? There are 3 main ways you can elicit various feelings in your viewer and it comes down to the visuals you show them, the tone of the voiceover narration, and the tone of the music in the background. Changing soundtracks is the easiest way to dramatically change the way viewers perceive your animated video. That’s why it’s worth previewing several different soundtracks alongside the first draft of your animated video so you can feel which one brings the magic.

Where can I buy a soundtrack for my animated video?

How much does a soundtrack cost for an animated video?

Most stock music is available to purchase for $5-$399. You may need to pay extra to acquire the broadcast rights for your animated video.

How much does a soundtrack cost for an animated video?

What are broadcast rights and how much do they cost?

Broadcast rights mean you have permission to use the soundtrack you purchased in broadcast media channels. This means TV and Online.

Many stock music sites include broadcast rights within the cost of the soundtrack when you buy them – but not all of them. When you do need to pay for broadcast rights for stock music, it usually only costs a few hundred dollars (or less). Popular songs that everyone can recognize cost 10’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars to license. Whether the song you want to license is popular or comparatively unknown, the cost of the broadcast rights can vary depending on the projected size of your audience..

Here’s an example of Audio Jungle’s audience levels for broadcast rights.

Animated Video Soundtrack Broadcast Rights

Audio Jungle’s Broadcast Rights Usage for Soundtracks for Animated Videos.


How do I get a custom soundtrack for my animated video?

You can look on sites like Freelancer and Fiverr or you can get a quote and let us know that you’re interested in creating a custom soundtrack for your animated video. We have a list of music producers we work with whenever a client wants a custom soundtrack.

Where to get free soundtracks for your animated video

Free soundtracks are available at Incompetech if you credit the artist. Facebook’s Sound Collection also offers a free library of soundtracks you can use within your video ads.

Get free legal music for your video from Incompetech.

How to test the soundtrack for your animated video?

Sometimes you can hear a song and instantly know it’s going to be amazing in your video. But other times, it’s not as easy. In this case, we recommend waiting until the first draft of your animated video is ready. Then you can listen to the various soundtracks on low volume while you press play on the video on your computer or phone. Usually, you’ll feel it in your body. There will be a sensation that says ‘this fits, this is right.” If you’re not getting a strong reaction to any of the soundtracks, select new options.

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