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Why is Video Igniter better than hiring an animation studio?

Making an animated video is a complex process (especially if you've never managed a video project before).

We make it as easy as possible for you to get a great looking custom animated video made.

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Unlimited Revisions

You get unlimited revisions for your script, storyboard, voiceover, art and animation until you mark them as approved.

Live Chat Support

Need help? You can live chat with our production team on if you have production questions.

Fast Production

We can produce your video 50% faster than a 'traditional' animation studio.

Start a Project in Minutes

You can start making a video anytime - just create an account and fill out a creative brief describing the video you want us to make.

How It's Made?

Ever wonder what the production process is like to make an animated video? This series of short videos shows what the process is like.

A/B Test Your Video

Most people just publish their video and think it's as good as it can be. We believe in A/B testing variations of your video to make it perform better over time. To learn more, email

100+ Emails?!

Working with an animation studio means you'll be sending hundreds of emails to manage the project. Video Igniter gets your video produced in as few as 6 notification messages.

50% to Start Production

You only have to pay half the production budget for us to get started; we collect the other half and deliver you a full, unwatermarked project archive after you approve the final draft of your video.

Voice Over Auditions

Finding the perfect voiceover is key to bringing your animation to life - we'll help you audition different voices to ensure you get the right one for your video.

Custom Art Design

Our team creates custom concept art for you to provide feedback on so that we can refine it and develop the perfect custom visuals for your video.

We've Made It All

Looking for someone to help you make an explainer video? A TV ad? E-learning content? We've made it all and can help you too...

Multilingual Videos

Want to reach a wider audience? We can help you translate your video and produce it in multiple languages.

You Own The Rights

When we finish making your video, you will receive all the custom art we used to create your video which you may repurpose in any way you see fit.

Guide You Through the Process

Never made a video before? We guide you through the entire production process and ensure you end up with a video that you'll be proud to show off.

Online Dashboard

Our online dashboard makes it easy for you to track the production status of your video, upload files, and submit feedback directly to our animators.

Pro Sound Design

Videos include a soundtrack and sound FX to add another layer of dimension to your video.

Free Hosting & Analytics

Want to know how your video is performing? Ask us to help you set up hosting & analytics for your video so you can get stats about your viewers.

Standard Delivery: 4-8 Weeks

1-2 minute long videos can be produced in about 4 weeks. Rush Delivery is available if you need to guarantee delivery in 4 weeks or less.

Need to Get it Quick?

Rush delivery is available upon request. Contact to discuss rush delivery timelines and prices.

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