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How to use video to improve your sales and marketing efforts

If you want to use animated video marketing to improve your sales and marketing funnel, this video highlights all the ways you can integrate animated videos into your sales and marketing strategy.

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We’re going to be covering things level here so that you can understand all the basic elements and ways you can use video. And then in future videos, I’ll dig into each of these in more detail so you know how to properly implement them. For this video, the idea is to show you all the areas where video fits into the sales and marketing funnel.

You can use marketing videos to improve every stage of your marketing funnel.



To start generating interest and awareness in your business, you’ll want to create video content that is tangentially related to your business so that when people are searching online for relevant and related questions, your content will be easier to discover. For example, Video Igniter is an animated video production company, and we create content about how to make, market and promote video content because these are the kinds of topics business owners are searching for.

Notice how we don’t start by talking about ourselves and what we do. Instead, we focus on the topics we can teach to people who are potentially interested in our services down the line.

Sites to post your marketing videos.


For these kinds of videos, you’ll want to feature them on YouTube and social channels to make it easy for people to discover you.  


The next level of content is designed for people who have become aware of your business and want to learn more about who you are, what you do, and what the benefits are of working with you. 

If you are creating videos to cultivate interest in your business, you should explain who you are, what you do, and what the benefits are of working with you.

This kind of video content should reside on your website. Have at least one video on your homepage to explain your business. And if you have additional educational videos, consider putting them behind an email gate in order to help you generate more leads and contacts.


Once you have people interested in potentially doing business with you, this is the time to start presenting more specific videos like, “How to work with us,” and “How to use the product or service.” 

Use email video tracking analytics to see which people on your email list are watching your videos.

Email is a great tool for your sales team to deliver videos directly to your prospects. Many video marketing services like Wistia let you see prospects are watching your videos which helps you determine how interested they are in your business. 

This can give you clues about who to follow up with and how to tailor your pitch. 

Relationship Nurturing

The last kind of content you want to create is essentially the same as the first kind, however, it serves a slightly different purpose. 

When you have a list of prospects that you want to keep engaged with over time, and existing customers that you want to continue to provide value for, we recommend you continue to create educational content that’s tangentially related to your business and can help your existing customers and prospects.

Keep posting this content to YouTube and your social channels in addition to periodically sending these updates out via email.   

Nurture leads and generate awareness by posting your marketing videos on these sites.

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Alex Raymond – Founder, Kapta Systems

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Larry Schlessinger – Sr. Creative Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

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