Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography Animation

Do you want to make a kinetic typography animation but aren’t sure how to get started? Video Igniter’s FAQ about kinetic typography has answers to all your questions!

Kinetic Typography

In this kinetic typography FAQ, we cover topics like:

  • What is kinetic typography?
  • What is kinetic typography used for?
  • Examples of kinetic typography
  • How to make a kinetic typography video?
  • What does it cost to make a kinetic typography animation
  • …and more!

Examples of Kinetic Typography

Video Igniter can create any kind of 2D or 3D animated video for you. Check out our animation portfolio here. Request access to our demo reels and price sheet here. Contact us or schedule a call to start making your video.

Are you looking for an example of a different style of animation? Send us a message to let us know what kind of animation example you want to see and we will follow up with relevant production samples.

What is Kinetic Typography?

Kinetic typography is the animated art form of animating and moving words around to tell a story in unique ways. Some kinetic typography videos have no voiceover and rely on the viewer watching and reading each new word or sentence that animates in and out of view.

What is Kinetic Typography Used For?


Kinetic typography is often used with commercials and advertisements. Nearly every TV commercial out there has at least a few moments of animated text. Some use kinetic typography for the entire video.

Add visual variety to a video

Sometimes, kinetic typography is just used for part of a video instead of making the entire video using the kinetic typography animation style.

Create a video that can be understood without a voiceover or so und

If your goal is to communicate information to viewers without them having sound on, you could just add subtitles – or you could consider using kinetic typography.

Animated Lyric Videos

Animated lyric videos are a fun way to create music videos. These videos animate the lyrics of a song in sync with the artist singing the words.

How To Make A Kinetic Typography Video

1). Pick a Producer

How To Make A Kinetic Typography Video

Choose an animation studio or animated video production company to help you create your animated investor pitch deck. can help you create a custom animated video investor pitch deck – or you can check out these resources to help you pick an animation production partner:

2). Review The Pre-Production Checklist

Review the pre-production checklist before production begins. This list includes all of the files and notes you should organize for your animation producer before production officially kicks off.

3). Kick Off Call / Questionnaire

kinetic typography questionnaire

When it’s time for production to officially begin, we’ll set up a kick off call and or send you a digital questionnaire for you to fill out. This is your opportunity to tell us:

  • What you want to include in your kinetic typography animation?
  • What visual style we should use?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the goal/purpose of the video?

4). Write The Script

kinetic typography script

Drafting a script for a kinetic typography animation is a little different from creating a script for a regular animated video. As we (or you) create the script for this project, we must consider whether all of the words in the script will be displayed on screen or if the voiceover is going to carry the script and the kinetic typography visuals will just be used to highlight specific words, sentences and phrases. These details don’t need to be nailed down at this stage of production but it is worth thinking about.

When the first draft of the script is ready, give it a detailed review, send us your feedback and we’ll incorporate your revisions.

5). Create The Storyboard

kinetic typography storyboard

Time to create the storyboard for your animated video. This is the blueprint for your kinetic typography video. It tells the illustrators and animators what to create. Each page of the storyboard includes a sentence (or part of a sentence) from your script and a visual mockup + description of the visuals.

This is where we’ll figure out how to turn all (or most) of the words in your script into animated visuals that connect and move around each other to tell the story.

Give the storyboard a detailed review (check out this guide to learn how to review your project assets). Send us your feedback and we’ll incorporate your revisions.

6). Record The VoiceOver (Optional)


The beauty of kinetic typography animated videos is that you can understand what they’re saying without needing to turn the sound on. In most kinetic typography videos, people still include a voiceover to present the content in your video.

We will get some voiceover auditions for you to listen to. Let us know which one you prefer and we’ll coach the VO talent through the full recording to ensure they use the proper pacing, tone and pronunciation. You get an opportunity to review the full recording and approve it for production.

Budget Saving Tip: Check out 1:31 in this video to learn how you can record your own professional quality voiceover for free.

7). Select A Soundtrack


Soundtracks are a great addition for kinetic typography videos. Especially if the video has punchy beats that you can sync up the animation to. Look for songs where you can dramatically make text appear, disappear or transition in sync with key moments in the music and script.

We will identify a handful of soundtracks and share them with you. Let us know which video soundtrack you prefer and we’ll buy the license so that you can legally use it in your video.

Budget Saving Tip: You can find free legal music for your kinetic typography animation on a website called, “Incompetech.”

8). Illustrations

kinetic typography illustrations

When we illustrate your video, we will begin by creating concept art. Our creative director reviews your brand guidelines, style references and selects a key scene from the storyboard to illustrate. The art director will design one or more unique visual concepts for you to review.

kinetic typography concept art

Let us know what concept you prefer and then we will create all of the art for your video using that selected visual style as a visual reference.

You get an opportunity to review all of the illustrations and request revisions before approving it for production.

9). Animation

kinetic typography animation

After the voiceover, illustrations and soundtrack are approved, we can animate! When the first draft is ready, give the kinetic typography animation a detailed review with your team. Make some people watch it with fresh eyes (aka people who weren’t involved with developing the video).

It’s important to test the timing/pacing of the kinetic typography – especially if yours doesn’t include a voiceover. You want to make sure that text appears on screen long enough that people can actually read and understand what is being presented.

Collect everyone’s feedback and send it to us. We’ll incorporate your revisions and render out the final draft.

What does it cost to make a kinetic typography animation?

kinetic typography cost

Cost depends somewhat on the level of detail in your kinetic typography animation and the overall length of the video. In general, kinetic typography animations can be cheaper to produce than custom animated videos with animated characters moving around. Expect to spend $500-$3,500 for a 60 second, 2D custom animated video that’s made using kinetic typography-style animation. 3D animations will 2-4x cost more.

You can get a quote for your video here. Or request access to our current price sheet.

How long does it take to make a kinetic typography animation?

kinetic typography production timeline

2D kinetic typography videos are a little faster to produce than a normal animated video project. A 60 second animated video typically takes 3-5 weeks to produce. Kinetic typography videos can be produced in 3-4 weeks or less.

Need to guarantee delivery for a fast approaching deadline? Ask us about rush delivery animation.

Kinetic Typography Rush Delivery

Still have questions about your kinetic typography animation?

Do you have a question about kinetic typography animation that wasn’t addressed in this FAQ? Use this form to send us your question and we’ll follow up with an answer. We’ll also post the question and answer to this page so other people can benefit from the knowledge.


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