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How can animated videos help your blockchain company or cryptocurrency?

Our CEO, Derek Merdinyan was interviewed on The Investor Town Hall Show to discuss how blockchain technology companies and cryptocurrencies can use animated crypto explainer videos to make it easier for potential investors to understand the value and benefits of these new companies (jump to the second half of the video/transcript – the first half focuses on Video Igniter). Unfortunately, the audio quality on Derek’s end didn’t turn out that great. So we created a transcript of the audio to share along with the video.


Blockchain Video Transcript

Welcome To The Show

Daniel Wong: We’re back in investor town Ellis headquarters in San Diego, California. I’m your host Daniel Wong. On today’s program, we have the CEO of Video Igniter Derek Merdinyan here with us today. Derek, thanks so much for taking the time to join you today. So, Derek, you have a very cool business where you create these animated crypto explainer videos. And yours are just really unique in the way you have your approach there. Explain to us, though, what Video Igniter is?

Derek Merdinyan: Video Igniter is an online platform that makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to produce custom animated videos. I think the medium is exceptionally useful for explaining new information and enabling people to not only understand it but to retain the information a lot better than live-action videos. So Video Igniter as a platform helps people work with animators online to produce custom animations.

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Daniel Wong: So you and I have talked a lot about this before and talk to us about the ease of that process of going back and forth, you know, asking for edits and making changes is that why your platforms offered a better solution more efficient for them. 

Derek Merdinyan: Sure, so usually, when you work with an animator, there’s a lot of fine detailed information that you want to communicate back and forth. If you’re using email to communicate with an animator, you’re probably going to have several hundred emails going back and forth. That’s a lot of information to track and manage. Whereas, with Video Igniter, you have the animator and designer creating assets for you. 

You make direct comments online. That way, all the information stays organized. And – you can produce the content much more quickly for people on both ends. It is going to be easier for you as the client to ask for specific changes and edits. It’s also going to be easier for the animators and designers to respond to the feedback that you want.

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How Can An Animated Crypto Explainer Video Help?

Daniel Wong: Definitely, the major value you’re adding back to the client there. Now you did talk about the ease of the animation helping to explain complicated things to investors and people out there trying to understand the business. Now we cover a lot of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, which is – a lot of people a brand new sector and they really don’t understand it. So explain kind of how that helps to simplify the explanation to them. And also, how does it apply to a lot of the cryptocurrency areas certainly?

Derek Merdinyan: So cryptocurrencies, like you said they’re very difficult for people to understand, and what animation allows us to do is to create visual stories and metaphors that sort of bring these ideas to life to help people understand these new scenarios and these new ways of interacting with each other. They’re just not possible to do if you’re using a camera and filming someone in person.

Mining Cryptocurrency From The Blockchain

So we’re able to take these ideas and explain them in a much more easily digestible format. This is great for companies that are preparing for an initial coin offering because right now a lot of them are shopping around a white paper that’s very long and takes maybe 45 minutes to read. But an animated crypto explainer video is a much better way to get people through that first level of initial interest in understanding the value of the platform before they spend time digging in and reading more about these different companies.

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Holding Attention: Animated Crypto Explainer Video vs Live Action Talking Head

Daniel Wong:  And I think that makes perfect sense as we talk about live-action vs. animation. Where do you see the pluses thereof the animation over the live-action? Because you know we do a lot of that, of course. But the animation, I think, makes things so much simpler, and it is a little more condensed. So it does play into the shorter attention spans they can gather a lot of information very quickly. I mean, what’s your opinion on that? 

Derek Merdinyan: You’re very right there! Not only does it help people you know get this information in a much quicker fashion. It also is able to explain things that sometimes you just can’t really explain as effectively if you have two people talking. Sometimes you need custom visuals to help explain things. We found that people don’t really pay attention to talking head videos in the same way that they pay attention to animated videos.

Explaining blockchain and cryptocurrency with custom animated video content

This interview-style we have right now it’s great because it’s a conversation. It’s a dialogue between two people, and it keeps things going. But if you just have a CEO, they’re sitting and talking to the camera. It can be easy to fall and drop off while watching that video. Whereas an animated crypto explainer video that uses ongoing graphics to illustrate and highlight what a narrator saying is going to do a much better job of explaining that complex stuff. And you as a viewer are going to have a much better job remembering that information after you finish watching. 

Other Use Cases for Blockchain Animation?

Daniel Wong: And I think that’s such an important point you make there we always talk about the art of storytelling. It’s the why not the what. And that’s something that you’re really driving home to people is getting people to connect and that that real way to these companies. So give some examples that may be of use cases besides maybe the cryptocurrency side. Maybe some good examples you have already?

Animated Crypto Blockchain Promotional Explainer Video

Derek Merdinyan: Sure, so cryptocurrencies are using these a lot because again, it simplifies these complicated networks of transfer of value that people just aren’t really as familiar with understanding, but animations can go so much farther, particularly in the e-learning space, to help people understand new ideas, explaining new concepts.

You know animation is seen as an entertaining medium for a very long time. But I think now we’re going to see it used a lot more for explaining new information. Whether it’s internal communications for company e-learning programs to onboard new clients. There’s a whole lot of new information that’s going to be explained this way now that the medium is easier to produce. 

Sign Off

Daniel Wong: Well, Derek, that looks like we’re about out of time for today, but we like to thank our guest CEO Derek Merdinyan for joining us today. Derek, thanks so much!

Derek Merdinyan: Thank you very much! 

Daniel Wong: So, folks, you’ve seen the CEO of Video Igniter. His videos are fantastic. We’re definitely gonna use these videos. We recommend a lot of companies in the crypto and Bitcoin space think about creating an animated crypto explainer video. Especially if you want to help people understand how those particular ICOs work. So if you want to find out more information go to Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll catch you next time!

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