White Labeled Animated Video Production For Agencies

White Label Animated Video Production For Agencies

When companies need video production services, they often turn to their agency partners for help. In some cases, there is a third party involved. A white label video production company is like an agency’s secret weapon. Clients get high-quality work from their trusted agency partner.  The agency gets help from a video expert who understands every step of the creative process. Your clients will be thrilled with their new animated videos.  Plus, your team can focus on building your business and fostering client relationships while Video Igniter handles all the production work. Everyone wins.


White label animation production services help your agency provide quality videos for your clients without having to hire additional staff.

Working with a white label animated video production company comes with many benefits. They are experts in their field and can provide the expertise needed to tell a compelling story. If your agency wants to start producing custom animated videos for your clients, you’re going to need to staff up. Designers, animators, writers, project managers, storyboard artists, and audio engineers. Studios already have access to technology (hardware & software) that makes high-quality animation possible. White label animated video production studios have all the technology, skills and talent under one roof. This enables them to create a variety of videos so you can offer animated video production services without increasing your agency’s head count. What’s more, the animation studio provides an extra creative brain outside of your agency & your client which brings fresh creativity to create engaging videos that your clients will love.

Video Igniter can handle all aspects of production for your team so you don’t need to have any of the necessary skills in-house to offer animated video production services to your clients. However, if you have a great script writer, storyboard artist or illustrator on staff, we regularly collaborate with agency’s in-house creatives to leverage their skills and create an even better video (while helping you save on your production costs).

Understanding The Animation Production Workflow How To Turn Your Idea Into A Custom Animated Video Igniter Animation

To read a companion article about turning your idea into a custom video for your client, click the image above.


Agencies can offer all types video production services to their clients if they have relationships with several white label production partners with different strengths.

As an agency, you’ll want to be confident that you can provide high quality animated video production services to your clients. Animation studios typically specialize in making certain types of animated videos. You can have the perfect resource available to you, no matter what kind of animated video your client wants to make. You just need to develop relationships with several studios that provide white label production services.

Alternatively, Video Igniter is capable of producing any kind of custom animated video you can imagine – whether it’s an animated startup explainer video, a TV ad or a photo-realistic 3D animation. We’re your one stop shop for all things animation.  By getting in touch with us and discussing your client’s needs and desires, we’ll be able to work out the best way to create an animated video that supports their business initiatives (like getting more awareness, downloads, sales, improved conversion rates and more!)

Furthermore, we’ll provide you with a range of animated video styles that fit their production timeline & budget. You’ll also receive information about the most cost-effective way to produce a custom animated video for your client while adhering to their unique project requirements and brand guidelines.


Outsourcing your animation work helps you scale your agency and opens more doors for your agency.

The most important factor in achieving success as an agency is having the right talent for each job. The most successful agencies outsource their animated video production needs to boutique studios. This allows them to take on more clients without expanding their own staff too drastically. With an animation partner, you can expand your offering and increase your bandwidth to generate more income.  Finding an outside partner who can help you meet all your 2D and 3D animation needs will give you access to new avenues for growth as well as helping you maintain relationships with your existing customers. As an agency, you need to focus on what you do best: client acquisition, project management and creative direction.


Compelling Idea + The Right White Label Animated Video Partner = Wonderful Results!

When you have the right partner, life is easier. They are there to make sure your projects stay on track and meet deadlines without fail. They offer creative solutions to problems that may arise during production.  They’re always looking for ways to improve processes.  And they explore new avenues of communication to engage your client’s audience in exciting ways. You feel confident knowing they’re an extension of your own team because their level of professionalism matches yours perfectly!

We believe in ideas without limits. Our creative team has decades of experience working with clients from different backgrounds around the world. We’ve worked on all manner of projects under tight deadlines and within strict budgets. Schedule a call with us or use this form to get a quote for your project. We look forward to hearing about your video and developing a production plan that serves your goals.

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