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Explainer Video Services by Video Igniter Animation

This article provides an overview of the explainer video services that Video Igniter offers to clients around the world. Get answer all of your top questions including:

  • How much do explainer video services cost?
  • How long does it take to create an explainer video?
  • How does Video Igniter’s production service create explainer videos?
  • How can I save $ on my production budget?

If you are interested in making an explainer video, send us a message – we’d love to hear about your production goals and discuss how we can make it happen.

First, let’s take a look at examples of explainer videos you can get when you hire Video Igniter’s explainer video production services.

Explainer Video Examples

Video Igniter can make any kind of 2D or 3D animated explainer video for you. Check out our animation portfolio or request access to our demo reels and price sheet to see more examples.

Contact us or schedule a call to start making your video.

Are you looking for a different type of explainer video example? Send us a message to let us know what kind of production example you want to see and we will follow up with some relevant production samples.


What Explainer Video Services Does Video Igniter Offer?

Explainer video production services aren’t limited to the creation animated videos. In addition to creating explainer videos, we can also help you:

All that and a whole lot more. Send us a message or schedule a call to discuss your explainer video needs.

explainer video services video igniter

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Explainer Video Services

Your explainer video is your company’s most visible spokesperson. Often times, it’s the first impression for your leads and prospects. Hiring professional explainer video services ensures you’ll deliver a stellar first impression.

When you hire an explainer video production company like Video Igniter to create (and promote and optimize) your main marketing video, you get access to +12 years of digital storytelling, messaging, design and animation expertise that will make your company shine. We create explainer videos for independent production studios, agencies, startups, and the worlds largest brands, including: T-Mobile, Amazon, Linkedin, Notion, and DocuSign – and we can bring that same expertise to your project.

hire professional explainer video services benefits

For those looking to create more than just a video or two, Video Igniter’s explainer video production services also bring the benefit of efficiently managed projects and scalable production capacity. We make sure your content is produced on time, on budget and delivers on your business objectives.

What Is The Explainer Video Production Process?

explainer video services production process

If you’re interested in explainer video services to create a custom animation, it’s helpful to have brief understanding of what the production process is like. Let’s take a quick look at each major deliverable that leads up to the creation of your animated explainer video.

1). Get a Quote

explainer video services quote

Start the production process by requesting a production quote from us and any other animator(s) you are considering for your project. Take some time to review the quotes along side each company’s animation portfolio before you make your decision.

After you decide which company’s explainer services you want to hire, you will receive a production agreement to sign and an invoice for 50% of your video’s budget.

2). Script Writing

explainer video services script writing

Video Igniter will spend time learning about the key messages you want to present in your explainer video. We’ll also spend time learning about your target audience and their pain points. Then we’ll develop a narrative that conveys your main talking points to your target audience in a way that addresses their challenges. You will receive a downloadable copy of the script to share and review with your team. After you add your comments to the script document, we’ll address your revisions and send you an updated version of your script to review and approve.

3). Storyboard

explainer video services storyboard

Explainer video production services include turning your script into a storyboard. This way, our design and animation teams know what to create.

You will receive a downloadable copy of the storyboard to review with your team. If you want to make any edits, let us know and we’ll integrate them into your storyboard.

4). Illustrations

explainer video services concept art

Video Igniter’s art director will create multiple pieces of concept art for you to review. Share your honest feedback and collaborate with the art director to revise the concept art until it’s perfect. Then our illustration team will develop all of the custom illustrations for your explainer video. You get a chance to review all of the art and request revisions before approving the art for production.

5). Music


Music helps to set the tone for your viewers and can be used to emphasize key moments in your explainer video. Our team will select several soundtracks that we can license for your explainer video. Give them a listen and let us know which one is your favorite.

6). VoiceOver


You will receive several voiceover auditions to review for your explainer video. Give them a listen and let us know which one is your favorite. We’ll hire that person to record the full voiceover and guide them through the pacing and energy they should use when recording your voiceover. You get a chance to listen to the full recording and can request to rerecord certain parts, if necessary.

7). Animation

Explainer Video Animation Services

Now that everything is approved, we can animate your explainer video! As soon as the first draft is ready, you will receive a link to download a copy of your explainer video. Give it a detailed review with your team and members of your target audience. Collect everyone’s feedback and share it with us. We’ll integrate your revisions and render out the final draft of your explainer video.

How do I find and hire the right explainer video company for my project?

hire the right explainer video company

This topic is so important we wrote a whole article about it: How To Hire An Animator

In the article, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find explainer video producers.
  • What to look for when evaluating explainer video service companies.
  • Tips to negotiate your production budget.

And a whole lot more! Explore the guide to hiring animators.

How Much Do Explainer Video Services Cost?

explainer video services cost

Let’s break this down into pricing for different types of explainer video services:

Explainer Video Production Services

Most people want to know what it costs to produce an explainer video. A 60-second, 2D animated explainer video will typically run you $1,500-$7,500.

If you want to use cel animation or 3D animation to create your video, your explainer video production services will likely cost over $10,000 to create each minute of video.

Get a quote for your explainer video.

Explainer Video Translation Services

Explainer video translation services

Want to reach a larger audience with your animation? Video Igniter offers explainer video translation services for all languages.

Our network of international script writers and voiceover artists enables us to translate your script into other languages. We can also use an additional translator to reverse the translation of your script to ensure the original meaning is preserved in your script.

Translating a video means updating the voiceover, the text that appears on screen and the captions that go along with your explainer video. Updating the voiceover for other languages may require an budget increase to adjust the timing of the animation so that it is in sync with the new voiceover.

Translation costs vary from project to project and you can get a discount if you provide the translated script and or the translated voiceover recording for your explainer video. Send us a message to get a quote for explainer video translation services.

Explainer Video Marketing & Optimization Services

explainer video services marketing optimization

Need help coming up with a strategy for your explainer video? Most companies just slap their video on their homepage and call it a day. But there’s so much more we can do to use your explainer video(s) to get more awareness, leads and sales. Schedule a call to talk with us about what you want to accomplish with your video content.

Explainer Video Promotion Services

Explainer video promotion services

Want to get your video seen by your target audience? Who doesn’t?! If you need help running paid media campaigns to get more exposure, send us a message or schedule a call with our promotions team.

How long does it take to create an explainer video?

How long does it take to create an explainer video

Most explainer videos can be created in 4-8 weeks. If your explainer video includes 3D animation or cel animation, it may require twice as much time to complete.

Need to speed up production for a deadline? Video Igniter offers rush delivery animation.

Explainer Video Service Budget Saving Tips

Explainer Video Service Budget Saving Tips

Combine these tips to help you save $1,000 or more off your cost for explainer video services.

1). Write Your Script

Writing the script for your explainer video can shave $500 off the cost of your explainer video. Actually, it can shave $500 off the cost of each minute of content we create for you. Download our free script writing template to get started.

explainer video services script template

2). Record The VoiceOver

Watch 1:31 in this video to learn how you can record your own professional quality voiceover at home – for free.

3). Create Your Storyboard

Creating the storyboard for your explainer video can save you an additional $500 off the cost of each minute of video we create for you. Download our free storyboard template and review the included storyboard creation guide to learn how to create your storyboard.

explainer video services storyboard template

4). Source Free, Legal Music

You can cut music licensing costs out of your production budget if you source free, legal music to use in your video. Check out sites like Incompetech and Facebook’s Sound Collection for large libraries of free music.

5). Start Production ASAP

Rush delivery can increase your production budget by 25%-50% or more! Avoid rush delivery costs by starting production ASAP. Send us a message to start planning your explainer video project today.

Still have questions about explainer video services?

Do you have a question about explainer video services that wasn’t addressed in this FAQ? Use this form to send us your question and we’ll follow up with an answer. We’ll also post the question and answer to this page so other people can benefit from the knowledge.


What is Video Igniter Animation?

Video Igniter Animation is an online animated video production service. By working with our team online, you can get your custom animated video produced faster and for less than hiring a brick and mortar animation studio.

We can help you create any kind of 2D animated video or 3D animation you can imagine. Check out our animated video portfolio!

Need help syndicating your animated video? Ask us about video promotion!

Watch our explainer video on our home page to learn more about how we can help you create an animated video. For examples of the kinds of animation our team can produce, check out the demo reel below:


Looking For An Animated Video Company In The U.S.?

Video Igniter is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – these testimonials highlight Video Igniter’s reliability, creativity, flexibility and ability to deliver animations that exceed expectations. When you choose Video Igniter Animation, you can rest assured that you are working with a trusted and reputable studio.

“Video Igniter were very easy to work with and the entire process for creating and suggesting edits was seamless and stress-free. I would work with them again and would recommend to others looking to create a modern and stylish explainer video.”

Clair Simpson – VP Marketing, Repool.com

“I run a video production company and outsource animation. The team at Video Igniter did a great job in taking the concept I very crudely drew out and making it into a beautiful animation. The review process was easy and their turnaround time was very quick. I’d def recommend them if you’re looking for an animation project.”

Pat Henderson – Founder, Path8 Productions

“Video Igniter offered us the critical combination of creative value, clear communication, and patience with stakeholder feedback. We ended up with truly high-quality design assets for our video series largely due to the extra level of commitment — and the right balance of efficiencies with flexibility in the process when called for.”

Larry Schlessinger – Sr. Creative Program Manager, Amazon Web Services

“Video Igniter came to us with a number of creative and engaging ideas and were able to create an exciting, impactful video in a short period of time. And the best part was that it cost much less than other options of similar quality. The video they made is a great marketing tool for us.”

Alex Raymond – Founder, Kapta Systems



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