6 Ways To Get High Viewer Engagement For Your Animated Videos

These days, most content comes in video format, and competition for attention is increasing at a consistent pace. While there are several different types of video content you can create, animated videos tend to do the best job of keeping people’s attention. But how exactly do you keep people’s attention focused so that your animated video engagement rate goes up?

Here are 6 tips to keep people’s engaged when they watch your animated video:

1). Start With An Attractive Shot Or Compelling Introduction

In the first few seconds of a video, viewers quickly make a decision about whether or not they should keep watching or skip your animated video. That’s why it’s important to present an impactful first impression that captures people’s attention with something compelling. Focus a lot of your creative efforts on this first impression to ensure your animated video engagement rate will be high and minimize the number of people who will immediately skip it.

2). Keep Your Animated Video Short

If you want to make sure your animated video engagement stays high, don’t make your video too long. Figure out which key details are essential to include and then make your animated video focused on these points, keeping it as short as possible. Videos that are short attract more viewers; people on social media tend skip longer videos. Make sure you are use every second of your video effectively.

3). Using Statistics Can Trigger Interest

Animated characters and motion graphics do a fantastic job of keeping the eyes focused on new visual elements. To mix things up, you can also add some interesting statistics as well to keep people’s attention. Statistics can work to trigger more interest in the video or the product you are promoting. The best part is that stats are easy to fit in almost any part of an animated video.

4). Use Sound Effects To Keep Your Animated Video Engaging

Subtle use of sound effects is a great way to improve your animated video’s engagement rate – it makes your animated video feel more alive and helps engage the viewer’s attention.

5). Make Sure That Your Presentation Isn’t Predictable

Storytelling goes a long way to keep people engaged in your animated video. But if you really want to hold their attention, try adding some suspense to your narrative. (Example: make an impressive claim about what your company/product/service can do, then gradually unveil how people can get the desired benefit). Without suspense, people will scroll away from your video. Make sure that you have unique and creative ideas that are not predictable to create suspense.

6). Always End With A Call To Action

For animated explainer videos that are created for a business/startup/sales team, not only do you want people to watch as much of the video as possible, you also want them to take action at the end so that they can get closer to buying your product or service. Ending your animated video with a call to action is important. A Call To Action directs viewers towards doing business with you (download our app, sign up for a free trial, create an account, join our newsletter, etc).

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