Video For Business Marketing

Video For Business Marketing

Are you looking into creating a marketing video for your business? At Video Igniter, we get a lot of questions about making animated marketing videos. So we decided to create a comprehensive FAQ to answer all the questions we received to help you create a video for business marketing.

Video For Business Marketing

In this FAQ, we answer questions like:

  • What are the benefits of using an animated video to market your business?
  • How do I create an animated video for my business’s marketing?
  • What does it cost to make a marketing video?
  • How long does it take to make a marketing video?
    + tips to save money on your production budget!

Examples Of Business Marketing Videos You Can Get From Video Igniter

Video Igniter can create any kind of 2D or 3D animated video for you. Check out our animation portfolio here. Request access to our demo reels and price sheet here.

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Why should I create an animated video to market my business?

To get the ball rolling, what marketing benefits do businesses get from animated marketing videos?

Increased Awareness

Animated videos make use of colorful imagery put in motion to stand out in the Internet’s ocean of text, photo and video-based content. If you want to increase your odds of pausing someone’s social media scrolling to watch your content – we highly recommend creating animated video content.

Increased Awareness

Customer Education: Improved Comprehension And Retention

Animated videos make it easier for people to learn and understand new information. The use of animated visual metaphors and stories helps viewers retain the information longer than if they’d watched your CEO yammer at the camera.

Improves Every Stage Of The Marketing Funnel

Animated videos can be used to improve conversions at every phase of your marketing funnel. From awareness, customer education and nurturing through closing sales, animated marketing videos for your business can help improve your bottom line.
animated video for business marketing

How do I maximize the business outcomes of my marketing video?

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the business outcomes of your marketing video. We recommend reviewing the following resources before you start your next video marketing campaign:

Improve business outcomes with an animated video for business marketing

How to create a video for business marketing

After you select a producer for your business marketing video, it will take about 3-8 weeks to create a 1-2 minute video. Here’s an overview of what the production workflow looks like:


Production starts with a questionnaire to understand what talking points need to be included in the marketing video for your business. It’s also an opportunity to explain who your target audience is. This helps the animated video production company understand how to write your script and how to present the key ideas in your marketing video so that they appeal to your target audience.
Animated Explainer Video Production Questionnaire


The production team will review your answers and create the first draft of your video script. A 60-second animated video ends up being about 120-180 words long. It’s not a lot of words so it’s important to be concise.

When you review the script, focus your feedback on the messages being presented. Are they clear? Are they memorable? Will they resonate with your target audience?

If you want to revise the script, send your notes to the production team. Otherwise, let them know it’s approved so they can start working on your storyboard.

Free Download: download our free script writing template.
Writing a script for an animated video for business marketing


The storyboard is the blueprint for your animated video. It provides instructions for the illustrators and animators so they understand what to create. Each page of your storyboard includes a sentence from your script, a rough mockup of the scene, a list of instructions for the animators and a list of assets that are needed to create the scene.

Storyboard for a business marketing video

When you’re making an animated video for business marking, it’s important to focus your feedback on the visual ideas that are being considered for each part of your script. Do the visual concepts make sense? Will your target audience appreciate them? Do they help make your message memorable?

If you love the storyboard as-is, let the production team know so production can move forward. Otherwise, send them your notes to let them know what parts you want to change.

Free Download: download our free storyboard template.


Your production team will procure voiceover auditions for you to review. Let them know which one you prefer. If you aren’t a fan of any of the options, let them know why so they can record new auditions for you to consider.
Voiceover for an animated business marketing video

The production team will oversee the voiceover recording and coach the VO artist through the pronunciation, pacing and energy of the recording. You get an opportunity to review the full recording and request edits before approving the voiceover for production.


soundtrack for a business marketing video

Adding a soundtrack will enhance the presentation for your animated business marketing video. Your production team will select some stock soundtracks for you to review. Let them know if you love one of the options. If you’re not a fan, let them know why so they can select better options.

Can’t decide which soundtrack is your favorite? Let the production team know and they will help you preview your favorite options when the first draft of the marketing video is ready to review.


Colorful eye candy visuals will help set your business marketing video up for success! The illustration process starts after your storyboard is approved. The art director will review your visual style references and brand guidelines. Then they will select a key scene from your storyboard and design custom illustration(s) of that scene using one or more unique animated visual styles.

Reviewing concept art for a business marketing video

Share your feedback with the production team. If you love one of the concepts as-is, the art team will use that as a style reference and make the rest of the art look like that.

Suppose you like multiple concepts…. you could let the production team know what you like about each of the different concepts and have them combine the best parts into a new piece of concept art.

Not a fan of any of the concepts? Let the production team know why and they will develop new concept art for you to review.

After all the illustrations have been created, give them a detailed review and send clear instructions back to the production team. It’s important to be happy with the visual illustrations before production begins – otherwise, it may result in added production costs if you ask to go back and change art that you already approved.


Animating a video for business marketing

Now that the script, storyboard, voiceover, illustrations and soundtrack are locked in, it’s finally time to animate! Animation takes 1-2 weeks to animate a 60 second animated video. 3D animated videos take 2-4x more time to animate.  When the first draft is ready, review it with your internal team and members of your target audience (if possible). If you’re creating an animated video for business marketing, it’s highly worthwhile to preview the video with members of your target audience before you spend a lot of money promoting it to them. Now’s the time to make sure the message is clear and memorable.

Collect everyone’s feedback and share it with your 2D animation studio so they can incorporate the edits and render out the final draft.

How long does it take to make a video for business marketing?

How long does it take to make a video for business marketing?

The whole production process to make a video for business marketing takes 3-8 weeks for a 1-2 minute video. 3D animated videos require 2-3x as much time to make. You can speed up production a little by creating the script and or the storyboard yourself. Check out this article for a more in depth look at the animated video production workflow and what to expect at each stage of the production process:

Understanding The Animation Production Workflow How To Turn Your Idea Into A Custom Animated Video Igniter Animation

How fast can you make a marketing video for my business?

It typically takes 3-8 weeks to create a 1-2 minute video. 30 second animated videos still take 2-4 weeks to produce. Rush delivery animation is available if you need to speed up production for a deadline that’s fast approaching. You can also shave some time off your production timeline by creating the script and storyboard yourself.

Rush Delivery Animation Available

What does it cost to make a marketing video for my business?

Most 2D animated marketing videos for businesses can be created for a budget between $1,000-$10,000 for a 60 second video. 3D animated videos easily cost 2-4x as much. For context, animated TV shows cost $20,000-$200,000/60 seconds of animation.

What does it cost to make a marketing video for my business?

Here are the factors that contribute to the cost of making a marketing video for your business:

  • Are you writing the script? Or hiring your animation team to write it?
  • Are you creating the storyboard – or is your production team handling it?
  • Are you providing the voiceover or do you need to buy one?
  • How soon do you need your video? Is rush delivery animation needed?
  • What style of animation do you want for your video?
  • How long is the animated video?

Looking for pricing information for your video? Schedule a call with our production team, contact us to get a quote, or request access to our newest price sheet.

Check out this companion article to learn more about what goes into the cost of an animated video for business marketing.

How can I save money on my video marketing production budget?

Write your own script

You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars off your video marketing budget by writing your own script. Use our free scriptwriting resources.

Make your storyboard

You can also save hundreds or thousands of dollars off your production budget by making the storyboard yourself. Download our free storyboard template and storyboard creation guide here.

Bonus tips for building a great storyboard here.

Diagram showing how to make a storyboard for an animated business marketing video

Use free (legal) music


Facebook Sound Collection

Record your voiceover

It’s possible to record your own professional voiceover at home – for free! Check out 1:31 in this video to learn how you can record your own voiceover for free, without having to buy any professional equipment or expensive software.

Consider using stock assets

Your video doesn’t need to be 100% custom made. Stock assets can be used to slightly decrease your production budget. Consider using:

  • stock images
  • stock videos
  • text
  • icons
  • clip art
  • pre-made 3D models

Free and cheap stock assets are available on sites like: MixkitTheNounProjectGoogle Font Library and Envato Elements.

Using icons in your video for business marketing is a great way to save money on your production budget.

Resources to make cheap animated videos

How to make cheap animated videos.

How do I find & hire an animator to create my marketing video?

If you’re interested in hiring someone to make an animated video for business marketing, we recommend you:

Take a look at their video portfolio to see if they can make the type of animation you want for your video.

Ask about their design process.

Learn about their pricing structure.

Ask how many revisions you get – some charge extra for more than 1-2 rounds of edits.

Additional resources to help you find and hire an animator:

9 Things to look for when hiring an animator.

How do you outsource an animated video project?

How do you hire a video animator?

What’s it like working with a 2D animation studio?

What is Video Igniter Animation?

What’s the difference between hiring an animation studio, a freelance animator and Video Igniter?

What goes into production cost of an animated video?

Looking for a 3D animation maker?

Pros and Cons of Different Animation Styles

Need your video fast? Learn about rush delivery.

Where can I find an animator to create my business marketing video?

Video Igniter



Questions about video marketing for business?

Do you have any questions about video marketing that wasn’t answered in this FAQ? Use this form to contact us. We’ll send you an answer and add the Q+A to this FAQ.
Questions about making an animated video for business marketing

What is Video Igniter?

Video Igniter provides animated video production services online. We’ve modernized the experience of creating an animated video to help you create custom content fast. Our production process also helps you save money on your animation production cost.  We do 99% of the work for you. All you need to do is:

1). Tell us what you want us to create

2). Review the assets we create for your video (script, storyboard, voiceover, soundtrack, art and animation).

If you’re looking for a website to create an animated video online, Video Igniter’s custom animated video production service enables you to work with our animation team to create  any kind of animated video you can imagine!

Our talented staff collaborates behind the scenes to create custom 2D and 3D animated videos so you don’t have to figure out if you have the right animator for the job. We handle all the technical and creative aspects of production – including helping you develop your script and storyboard (if you haven’t already created them yourself!)

Why hire Video Igniter to make a marketing video for your business?

World class animation and design talent at prices startups can afford.

We can make any kind of 2D animated video or 3D animation you can imagine.

Check out our animated video portfolio!

+20 reasons companies love hiring us to create animated videos.

Examples of Videos for Business Marketing (Demo Reel)


Marketing Video Success Stories and Testimonials

Video Igniter Animation Animated Video Success Stories and Testimonials

“I found exactly what I needed: custom animated production with lots of options, fair price and fast communication. I loved working with the Video Igniter Team. Million thanks.”

Antonina Rome, MD – Bioresona

“Video Igniter came to us with a number of creative and engaging ideas and were able to create an exciting, impactful video in a short period of time. And the best part was that it cost much less than other options of similar quality. The video they made is a great marketing tool for us.”

Alex Raymond – Founder, Kapta Systems

“I run a video production company and outsource animation. The team at Video Igniter did a great job in taking the concept I very crudely drew out and made it into a beautiful animation. The review process was easy and their turnaround time was very quick. I’d def recommend them if you’re looking for an animation project.”

Pat Henderson – Founder, Path8 Productions

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