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Explainer Video Templates & Resources

We’ve created a few explainer video templates and miscellaneous resources to help you make the most amazing custom animated video possible. Looking for help writing your script? Or creating your storyboard? This article includes links to all of the free explainer video templates and resources we have created.

Templates and resources to help create explainer videos

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Explainer Video Template & Resources For Scriptwriting

Writing the script is the foundation for your entire explainer video. You can save time and money on production by creating the script yourself. Even if you aren’t confident with your writing, you can still save money by using our explainer video scriptwriting template to write the first draft. Then, we can help you polish it and make it production-ready! Download our free scriptwriting template below and check out our explainer video scriptwriting resources.

Explainer Video Template & Resources For Scriptwriting

Download our free explainer video script template here:


Download our free scriptwriting explainer video template.

Download our free scriptwriting explainer video template.


Free Explainer Video Scriptwriting Guides:

– How to write a script for an animated explainer video?

– 7 Tips to help you write a great explainer video script for your animated video.

– Examples of explainer video scripts and how to write them.

Explainer Video Template & Resources For Storyboarding

The storyboard is like the blueprint for your animated video. It tells the illustrators and animators what to create. By downloading our explainer video storyboard template, you can easily create your own storyboard using Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Google Slides. This will help you save 1-2 weeks off your production timeline and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars off the cost of your custom animated video.

Download our free explainer video storyboard template here:


Download our free storyboard explainer video template.

Download our free storyboard explainer video template.


Free Explainer Video Storyboard Creation Guides:

VoiceOver Resources

VoiceOvers are included in almost every explainer video (but not always!) If your animated video includes a voiceover, you can save money on your production budget by recording your own voiceover at home. In the video linked below, we show you (at 1:31) how to record your own professional sounding voiceover at home for free – without needing to buy any fancy equipment or expensive software.

VoiceOver Resources

Free Animated Video Voiceover Resources:

Where to get a voiceover for your animated video and how to record a professional voiceover for free?

Soundtrack Resources

Sound enhances the experience of watching your animated explainer video. The right soundtrack can make (or break) your whole video. It’s worth spending an hour or more looking for various tracks you can test with your animation. Check out the resources below to learn where to find soundtracks for your explainer video and how to pick the right one for your project.

Soundtrack Resources

Explainer Video Soundtrack Resources:

How to pick the right animated video soundtrack for your explainer, where to buy them and where can you find free, legal music to use in your explainer video?

How to Hire an Animator?

Selecting the right animated video producer is a key decision in the animated video production workflow. While there’s no template for hiring an explainer video producer, these resources will help you figure out the right animation producer and animation style for your timeline and budget:

How to Hire an Animator?

Sales & Marketing Templates & Resources

Is your explainer video being created to support a business objective? If so, the following templates and resources will help you maximize the impact your explainer video has on your business outcomes:

Sales & Marketing Templates & Resources

Pre-Production Resources

Some things to think about before you hire an animation studio, freelancer or Video Igniter to create your explainer video:


Thank you for looking at our explainer video templates & resources!


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Explainer Video Success Stories and Testimonials

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