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So… Your Business Made An Animated Explainer Video. Now What?

So, you finally made an explainer video for your business. But now you’re wondering how you can use it. Here are 7 ways you can use your new animated explainer video to grow your business:

1). Embed Your Business Explainer Video On Your Website

Video For Website

The first thing you’ll want to do when you finish creating an explainer video is add it to your website. Don’t just put on your homepage – put it everywhere it makes sense to add it on your website!

The benefits of putting these videos everywhere are twofold. Firstly (and most obviously), it makes sure potential customers get exposed to your brand as often as possible. Secondly—and more importantly—it ensures viewers spend longer on each page than they would otherwise do without a video present. This means there’s more time for them to notice all the details about what your company does and why they should buy from you.

Businesses use explainer videos because it helps potential customers learn about they offer, quickly. Embedding your business’s explainer video on your website can increase the conversion rate of your landing pages and sales pages.

2). Share Your Business’s Explainer Video On Social Media

Next, you’ll want to share your business’s explainer video on social media.  This helps get the word out about what you’re offering and who you are as a business. It also allows people to easily find more information about your brand later on.

Share your animated business explainer video on social media

Share your animated business explainer video on social media

To get the right eyeballs on your video, share your business’s explainer video on the channels that are most relevant for your audience. Don’t forget to tag friends in the comments section of each post so that they can see it too!  Sharing content directly from a personal account can help build trust with new prospects while sharing from a brand-specific account will help keep track of readership stats so you know what kind of content resonates best with your readership demographics

You shouldn’t just post your business’s explainer video once and be done with it—share it multiple times over several days/weeks in order to reach different audiences during different times of day!

3). Send It Via Email

The best way to get feedback is by sending an email out to coworkers and clients who already know you. Email is a great way to get your explainer video in front of these people because it allows for quick and easy sharing (and it converts really well).

Send your animated business explainer video to leads and prospects via email

Send your animated business explainer video to leads and prospects via email

You can also send a link to a landing page with your video on it to new leads and prospects.

4). Leverage Your Video In Meetings And Sales Pitches

Now that you have a great animated explainer video, it’s time to leverage it in your sales and marketing efforts. Use it as an ice breaker at events, meetings, or networking events. You can even use it as a sales pitch when a prospect is hesitant about committing resources to your project.

If you’re planning on making an in-person presentation about your product or service, consider incorporating the animated explainer video into this presentation by playing parts of it at key points throughout to keep audience members engaged with what’s being said on stage.

Use Your Animated Business Explainer Video During Your Presentation

If you’re going to be doing any webinars or live webcasts, then consider using the animated explainer video as part of the digital materials available for people who are going through registration and viewing options. This way they’ll see something familiar right off the bat—and feel more comfortable continuing with registration because they’ll know more about the what they’re getting into.

5). Optimize Your Video For Each Platform

Make sure that the content of your explainer video matches the platform where it will be hosted. For example, an explainer video about a fitness app should probably be posted on Instagram or YouTube (since those are both platforms with lots of physically active users), but not Linkedin (which is more for business updates and networking).

Choose the appropriate platforms and formatting for your animated business explainer video

You should also consider the aspect ratio and length of your business explainer video before posting it to various platforms. Some platforms reward vertical videos or square videos over the traditional 1920×1080 horizontal format of most videos. Additionally, some platforms are better suited for shorter content. If your animated explainer video is more than a few minutes long, consider breaking it up into shorter chapters for social media.

The other thing to think about when posting your animated explainer videos is how they fit into the overall online ecosystem in which they exist. If people are looking specifically for animated explainers on YouTube or Vimeo, they may be less likely to watch it if they find your video on Facebook or Twitter because those platforms don’t contain primarily animation-related content like YouTube and Vimeo do.

6). Introduce A CTA At The End Of Your Explainer Video

The content of your business explainer video should encourage the viewer to take action when you present a call to action to them at the end of the video.  A CTA can be as simple as a link directing people back to your website or blog post, or if you have a phone number listed on the screen at the end of your explainer video, use that number. You may also consider offering discounts or coupons for customers who call in response to viewing your explainer video—this will help build goodwill with new customers while increasing brand exposure in general.

Examples of popular CTAs (Call To Action) for your animated business explainer video.

When you post your business explainer video on social media, be sure to include the call to action within the creative itself (like “click here” or “Learn more”). This will allow viewers who like what they see to easily contact someone at the company without having to go through any extra steps.

Finally, one of the most effective ways that businesses have used explainer videos has been by inviting viewers away from YouTube and onto their own websites or landing pages where they can sign up for free trials and further engage with your business. Include links in your videos and video description that can guide people towards your homepage and landing pages.

7). A/B Test To Improve Video’s Conversion Rate

You’re likely aware that it can be difficult to gauge the effectiveness of your video. You know that people are watching it, but do they understand what you want them to take away from it? Has your explainer video helped convert visitors into customers?

Use animated business explainer videos to convert more leads into customers

Use animated business explainer videos to convert more leads into customers

Are you getting lots of clicks and views, but no conversions? You may want to change up the content or style. Are you not getting any clicks at all? You may want to rework your messaging or optimize your video (more on that later). Do people tell you they really like it, but nothing happens after they watch it? Maybe you need to repeat your call-to-action more often throughout the video, or use different types of CTAs.

Split your animated business explainer video to improve its conversion rate.

Split your animated business explainer video to improve its conversion rate.

By collecting data on your video’s viewership stats, you can identify places in the video where viewership drops off. Once you’ve identified these spots, you can work with your video producer to improve them.

It’s also possible to A/B test your animated explainer video to improve its effectiveness. Check out the companion article below to learn more about how you can get more people to click play on your video, get more people to watch your video til the end, and get more people to take action when they arrive at the CTA at the end of your video.

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Thanks for reading our tips on how to get the most out of your business’s new animated explainer video. Let us know in the comments how you make the most of your business’s animated explainer video!

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